2017-05-15 -smartflower on

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Pullout from slide show: 

The Smartflower is a groundbreaking solar panel that can't—and won't—sit still. Arriving Stateside this month, the portable all-in-one unit mimics the behavior of certain sun-tracking blooms by rotating its solar-module "petals" throughout the day. This format, according to Austria's Smartflower Energy Technology, allows the system to be 40 to 50 percent more efficient than traditional photovoltaic arrays, which tend to be limited by their fixed tilt. The company claims that a single Smartflower can produce the equivalent of a 4 kilowatt rooftop system, which it hails as a breakthrough for a standalone solar product.

Watch the slide show here

2017-05-15 -smartflower on election campaign

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In Drammen, Norway the Green Party takes smartflower along at their election campaign tour. A link to the article in Drammen Tidende here

2017-05-10 -smartflower @ Greenpeace International

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Thank you Greenpeace for caring about the earth. We do too.

2017-05-10 -smartflower goes viral on CNBC

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Forget rooftop panels. This is the next generation of solar power. / Quote BBC

2017-05-10 -smartflower @ BBC News

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BBC about global energy... and smartflower. Read the article.