2017-07-18 -Austrian soccer pro as role model for solar

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Stefan Maierhofer, a professional Austrian soccer player, just these days got his smartflower installed. As a role model, he will positively influence his fan community about solar and the importance that each and every one of us must contribute - in one way of the other - for a better climate.

Here you find the links to his Facebook post and his website.

2017-07-18 -A day with smartflower

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From sun rise to sun set with smartflower. Watch this neat time lapse movie here.

2017-06-15 -"smartflower city"

Lebanon 2 660px

The most remarkable solar park in the world is probably this one in Lebanon. The photo was taken during the installation of these 12 pretty smartflower systems.

2017-05-31 -smartflower UL certified

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We are happy and proud to announce the receipt of the UL-certification for US and Canada of the smartflower system.

2017-05-15 -smartflower on

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Pullout from slide show: 

The Smartflower is a groundbreaking solar panel that can't—and won't—sit still. Arriving Stateside this month, the portable all-in-one unit mimics the behavior of certain sun-tracking blooms by rotating its solar-module "petals" throughout the day. This format, according to Austria's Smartflower Energy Technology, allows the system to be 40 to 50 percent more efficient than traditional photovoltaic arrays, which tend to be limited by their fixed tilt. The company claims that a single Smartflower can produce the equivalent of a 4 kilowatt rooftop system, which it hails as a breakthrough for a standalone solar product.

Watch the slide show here