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Awake when you are. Energy from the first to the last rays of the sun

A system that fits your needs

As the sun rises in the morning, smartflower POP unfolds itself completely automatically. It directs its solar modular fan (with a surface area of 18 m2) towards the sun and begins producing electricity for you – for your hot shower, your fresh coffee, the breakfast radio. Thanks to dual-axle sun tracking, the fan moves reliably along with the sun throughout the day.

The result: in comparison with the static rooftop system, the unit starts earlier in order to produce the exact amount of electricity you need. It consistently maintains the electricity supply and even uses the energy from the last sun rays efficiently enough to cover your early evening electricity requirements. Only then, does it close up to its secure position, which is also completely automatic.

smartflower POP compared with a static rooftop system *

The image clearly demonstrates how smartflower POP functions more efficiently than conventional systems. It has a considerably longer peak phase and produces energy even in the fringe hours of the day, which a rooftop system cannot achieve because of its static alignment to the sun. These produce maximum electricity when you are not at home – valuable energy which is lost.

* Basis of calculation: a typical July day in Madrid

 smartflower POP 2,31 kWpAufdach-
anlage 4 kWp
Power output as per PVGIS(1), location rome5.100 kWh6.250 kWh
Lower yields  
Deviation from facing south and roof slope (possible up to 12 %)smart tracking-3%
Higher module temperature, low dissipation of heat, heat build-upsmart cooling-5%
Contamination (e.g. by sand, salt, dust, snow)smart cleaning-3%
Revised output5.100 kWh5.583 kWh
Degree of self-utilisation (2)~60%~30%
Energy used by product itself3.060 kWh1.669 kWh
Efficiency gain by personal consumption183% 

Efficiency gain through smart features

Explanation: For rooftop systems, static alignment to the sun, heat build-up and decontamination lead to a lower output than the one stated as theoretically possible at the location. Furthermore, the system does not constantly produce electricity throughout the day, for example in the afternoon when it is not required. This leads to the distinctly lower degree of self-utilisation of a rooftop system and/or to the stated efficiency gain of smartflower POP.

(1) PVGIS: Photovoltaic Geographical Information System,

(2) Degree of self-utilisation: 60% for smartflower POP; 30% for rooftop systems is a statistical empirical value

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Plug & Play – and that is a promise! smartflower POP functions autonomously and automatically

smart features for more efficiency and a care-free use

Clean energy for your everyday life

1 HOUR of smartflower POP

  • = 1x make the tastiest lasagne in the world
  • = 15 hours of your favourite movies, TV series or news
  • = 101 complete smartphone charges
  • = 182 hours of relaxing and reading in LED lighting

1 DAY of smartflower POP

  • = 3 air conditioning units – for 1 sunny day and pleasant temperatures in the entire house
  • = 6x drying laundry – if the clothes line is already completely full
  • = 6x bake the crispiest bread
  • = 7x hot showers – with continuous flow water heater
  • = 17 wash loads of laundry
  • = 50 cups of tea – for waking up or relaxing
  • = 100 kilometres of clean driving enjoyment in your electric car

1 YEAR of smartflower POP

  • = ca. 4.000 kWh – and thus the average complete annual consumption of a central European household.

smartflower POP produces – depending on the region – between 3,400 and 6,200 kWh.
Numerical examples are based on approximate consumption values of the listed electrical appliances. Computational basis: in the middle of the year, twelve hours between sunrise and sunset/day.