16/10/2017 -Bird's eye view of smartflower

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A bird's eye view movie from Prague, CZ. To watch it, click here.

22/09/2017 -smartflower @ ORF - Austrian National TV

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See smartflower on ORF (Austrian National TV). A feature about autonomous living in the program ECO. Please click the follwing link to see the feauture: ORF/ECO

14/09/2017 -smartflower @ The Technical Museum in Vienna

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Yesterday a smarflower unit was installed at the Technical Museum in Vienna / Austria. The Museum will start a brand-new exhibition about electricity early November 2017, where of course also smartflower is part of the appealing content. Watch the video of the installation by W24 here


28/08/2017 -smartflower installation at US lavender farm

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Excerpt The Middletown Press, publication Aug. 23. 2017

Denise Salafia (owner of the levender farm) said she’s been intrigued by the idea of renewable energy for a while. “I’ve always thought about solar, but the roof has to be facing the right direction and there are all sorts of different restrictions, and I didn’t think it was really pretty,” she said. Looking at the eye-pleasingly designed SmartFlower, she said, “I thought this is really pretty and it would have the right feel that we wanted here at the farm.”

Read the full article here.

18/07/2017 -Austrian soccer pro as role model for solar

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Stefan Maierhofer, a professional Austrian soccer player, just these days got his smartflower installed. As a role model, he will positively influence his fan community about solar and the importance that each and every one of us must contribute - in one way of the other - for a better climate.

Here you find the links to his Facebook post and his website.